You’re a good good Father

I stress… A LOT. I stress about everything. I stress about test. I stress about plans. I stress about the time. I even stress about what color I’m going to get my nails painted! I worry everyday what’s going to happen tomorrow. Recently I came across this verse, which is now my favorite: “…and if not, He is still good” – Daniel 3:18. Ever since I read that the first time, I find myself whispering that everyday to myself when I’m worried about what’s going to happen or when things just don’t go as planned.

You failed you’re test.

Your boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with you.

A friend hurt you.

You didn’t make the team.

You forgot your routine.

Your team lost the game.

You spilled your drink in your lap.

A family member passed away.

You’re having a very bad hair day.

There are SO many more horrible things that could happen in a day! But take heart! These things DO NOT define you. For our sweet, wonderful, magnificent, lovely, beautiful, amazing Father is STILL good!

We truly don’t understand how blessed we are. I believe all these things happen for a reason to lead us to where we need to be.  The day when Jesus was crucified was a sad day, but three days later he rose again! For our God is SO good.

Write this verse somewhere so as you go through your day you can remember it. Write it on a sticky note and put it in your car, write it on your hand, put it in your phone, or if you’re like me, have a bracelet where it says the verse. So, let’s always remember when our day or plans don’t go as planned, He is STILL good!

With love,


Don’t Blink

Do you remember growing up hearing the story of how Jesus walked on water? (Matthew 14:22-33). I’ve heard the story for years, but while reading over it something just now struck out to me. After Peter trusted and even saw that he too could walk on the water, he got distracted by the wind and the waves; he started to sink. Peter called out to Jesus, “Lord, save me!”. It wasn’t even a second and Jesus reached out and protected him. Not only that but He said, “You of little faith, why do you doubt?”.

I kept reading that over and over in my head. Peter saw that he could walk, and trusted Him in that one second with all his heart. However, when he lost sight of Jesus, he saw the wind and the waves. We’re just like Peter. We shift our eyes away from Jesus, or even blink, and the worldly storms knock us down.

If we don’t lock eyes with Him, our lives are going to be miserable. Now Im not telling you that even though you trust Him, you’re going to be free of worry and hardships, because honey… thats not the case. But, I am here to tell you that those storms will be so much easier when we lock eyes with Him.

With love,





You call me out upon the waters
The great unknown where feet may fail
And there I find You in the mystery
In oceans deep
My faith will stand

– Oceans, Hillsong UNITED 

“Do not fear, for I am with you; do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” (Isaiah 41:10)


Lost & Found

As a 16 year old girl, everyone knows that we absolutely love to shop! A couple of weeks ago, I decided to take a shopping trip with one of my very best friends. The day was so much fun. We went and ate at one of our favorite restaurants and literally shopped til’ we dropped. However, on the way home was a completely different story.

A couple of miles down the road we got stuck behind a transfer truck (now keep in mind that we are very impatient). As we got closer and closer home, we decided we would take a shortcut, but we ended up turning on the wrong road. We had absolutely no idea where we were at. So as we kept going down this road, we kept getting more and more nervous. Finally, I decided to turn the GPS on my phone (yes, we can be a tad bit blonde). The GPS showed us exactly where we were at and guided us to where we needed to go. After going way out of the way, which if we would have kept going we would have known exactly where we were, we finally made it home sweet home. When I finally saw our hometown and the road that the GPS guided us to, I was filled with so much joy and relief.

The reason I decided to share this actually very funny story is that it is a lot like the path and journey that we take with our sweet Jesus. Before we fully rely and trust Him, our lives are very lost. We are afraid, tired, weary, and without hope. However, once we decide to trust Him, even just a little bit, our lives are changed. We feel happy, joy, and FOUND. In our lives we go through things where we feel lost and without hope, but Jesus changes all of that. So, as we go down these lonely and scary roads, we need to remember that we can just trust in Jesus and we will feel FOUND. Just like the GPS, Jesus is our hope and guidance through life. He will ALWAYS get us through anything.

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all of your heart. – Jeremiah 29:13

With love,